The Prototypes

Through co-creating ideas alongside the local community, The Winnipeg Boldness Project has been developing and testing out prototypes since early 2015. These prototypes demonstrate proof of the possibilities for real change that exist in our neighbourhood, and when scaled, could lead to a dramatic shift in the way our systems work with and support families and children.

The Prototypes

  1. Indigenous Doula Initiative: Pre and Post Pregnancy Care
  2. Baby Basket: Supporting New Parents
  3. Health & Wellness Planning: Pregnancy & Family Support
  4. Supports for Dads: Increasing Family Togetherness
  5. Early Childhood Engagement
  6. Hub of Strength: Building Community Capacity and Leadership
  7. Transportation: Increasing Neighbourhood Accessibility
  8. Housing
  9. Natural Support Systems: Connecting Local Residents
  10. North End Wellbeing Measure
  11. Canada Learning Bond: Growing a College-Bound Identity
  12. Participation in the Arts: Providing Inclusive Opportunities for Skill Building
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Healthy Families

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Strengthening Community

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Building Opportunity