March 2018

Evaluation report published:

The CCPA published the full report on the evaluation framework – a guide on how to conduct an Indigenous-grounded evaluation process.

2018 – Present

Exploring future sustainability:

The Winnipeg Boldness Project and ILC are continuing their partnership to scale these activities. In September 2018, ILC received funding from Social Enterprise Manitoba to develop a comprehensive business plan for delivering training and facilitation supports.

Feb. – April 2017

Second ECD cohort:

Community organizations referred six parents for the second around of training.

April 2016

ECD training manual draft:

Astrid MacNeill drafted the curriculum and facilitator manual based on community wisdom, knowledge, and experience. Elders and linguists, as well as The Winnipeg Boldness Traditional Knowledge Keepers, Community Leadership, and Parent Guide Groups all shaped the final version.

April 12, 2016

Group reflection:

The first cohort shared their thoughts on the strengths of the training and how to offer it in future to the community.