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March-June 2016

October 26, 2020

First ECD cohort: The first round of ECD Training included six members of The Winnipeg Boldness Project’s Parent Guide Group. These parents gave many helpful suggestions to update the ECD Training approach, and completed an evaluation of the training.


Jan. – March 2016

First CLT cohort: A first round of the training was completed with ‘seasoned’ leaders from the community, including 10 participants, the ILC coordinator, a facilitator, and an Elder.


Sept. 2015

CLT Manual draft: Astrid MacNeill drafted a 13-week CLT curriculum. This curriculum emphasizes an open-ended and relational approach to leadership development.


March 2015

Evaluation framework funded: The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) Manitoba, the Winnipeg Boldness project, and Community Education Development Association funded the development and testing of an evaluation framework, named Na-gah mo Waabishkizi Ojijaak Bimise Keetwaatino: Singing White Crane Flying North – Gathering a bundle for Indigenous Evaluation.



Collaboration with Winnipeg Boldness: The Winnipeg Boldness Project and ILC formed a partnership to further the goal of recording and sharing community wisdom. We focused first on three initiatives: Community Leadership Training (CLT) Early Childhood Development Training (ECD) Developing a community Evaluation Framework