July-Oct. 2019

Supports For Dads

We spent 4 months filming and editing a video to post on YouTube in order to document the supports for dads prototype, at the request of the men who participated in the circles. The purpose was to build awareness of the gaps that exist for men and dads, as well as the potential positive impact that supports such as this can have on men and their families.

July 2019

Evaluation report

We worked with Eupraxia Training to evaluate the Support for Dads prototype, as well as to develop a social impact analysis that gives evidence of the impact these types of programs have on father engagement with children and families.

July 2019

Toolkit for implementation

We created a toolkit and guiding principles for running similar types of support for dads, based on what was learned from the community and through the Supports for Dads prototype.

Jan. – June 2019

Support for Dads prototype

We tested the guiding principles and a toolkit for implementation at three different organizations. Each circle was run according to the needs of the organization and their participants:

  • Andrew’s Street Family Centre created a new men’s circle and is currently seeking funding to continue offering this service
  • Mount Carmel Clinic added elements from the toolkit into their existing parenting program for men
  • North Point Douglas Women’s Centre was able to add resources to their existing Men’s Circle. There is not currently funding in place to support these extra resources in the future.

Jan. – Feb. 2019


We worked with community leaders to develop three, 13-week support programs, as well as guiding principles for father engagement that formed the basis for these programs.