May-August 2019

Community reflection

Based on the advice of the Steering Committee, we shared the results of the NEWM with the community to share their feedback on the tool as well as the things that they felt were most important for measuring wellbeing.

We shared the results with the Project’s Parent, Research & Evaluation, and Community Leadership Guide Groups, as well as at four community events between May and August 2019.

August 2017

Data collection

Data was collected across the community using three main methods, guided by survey team members.

1. Paper survey
2. Direct computer entry 3. Telephone interview

Initially survey respondents were offered a monthly draw for cash prizes. Later, respondents were given a $15 gift card, made possible through FNHSSM’s partnership with the DEVOTION network.

A total of 558 surveys were collected.

July 2017

Data collection team hired and trained

Four First Nations youth were recruited to conduct data collection across the community.

April-June 2017

Initial tool development

An adapted measurement tool was first refined with community stakeholders in a series of meetings, eventually becoming the North End Wellbeing Measure (NEWM). The NEWM was then tested with The Winnipeg Boldness Project’s Parent Guide Group. The sections of the survey tool were: Demographics, Employment and Education, Independence and Inter-dependence, Cultural Foundations, and Quality of Life.

April 2017

Winnipeg Boldness and FNHSSM agree to develop and test the NEWBM

The Steering Committee agreed that adapting an existing measurement tool would be best. FNHSSM agreed to share their work with developing and implementing similar tools with First Nations communities. The Winnipeg Boldness Project provided part of the funding, co-supervised data collection and coordination, and connected the team with community networks.