Collaborations with others

  • The Manitoba Financial Empowerment Network is working to help financially vulnerable community members.
  • The Winnipeg Promise Initiative is working to make post-secondary education accessible for children from modest-income families.
  • The National Indigenous CLB Initiative is working to improve education for the next generation of Indigenous children.


Accessible Banking

We have been working with financial institutions since 2015 to reduce barriers for families accessing financial services.


Children in Care

We signed an agreement with Metis Child, Family and Community Services in 2015 to support CLB enrollment for children in care. Already, 32 children in care now have RESPs, CLBs, birth certificates, and SINs.

January 18, 2016


We hosted a co-creation session in the community to identify how to support every child in achieving educational success.

June 2015–Sept 2016

Supported Enrollment

piggy bank posterWe worked with community organizations to try out new ways to support families in the sign-up process for the CLB. These included:

  • Training for community staff members
  • A visual roadmap to guide families and staff through the process
  • Flexible resources for families including bus tickets and childcare
  • Help with getting identification and completing income taxes
  • Providing two full-time support workers to help enroll families
  • A video with stories and experiences from community members.