April – September 2017

Prototype Implementation

Community members helped families select the items that they wanted and put each basket together. A total of 50 Baby Baskets were given to families: 24 through the North End Women’s Centre, 21 through the Indigenous Doulas prototype, and 5 through the Health and Wellness prototype. Several items that weren’t on the initial Baby Basket list were given to families at their request, including a high chair, a baby rocker, a baby swing, a baby monitor, and a crib mattress.

February 2017

Partnership with North End Women’s Centre

We partnered with the North End Women’s Centre (NEWC) to create and share the Baby Basket prototype. Baskets included supportive items such as a star blanket and diapers, as well as information on topics such as: safe sleep, how and where to get benefits, and breastfeeding.

June 2016

Co-Creation Session

We hosted a co-creation session that gathered people together from healthcare, education, government, community, and philanthropy, to help design the Baby Basket.

April 2016

Prototype Research and Development

We engaged a broader audience to help design the Baby Basket, including researching similar work and meetings with:

  • Public Health nurses
  • The supervisor of the Pediatric Residents pilot project
  • The Provincial Infant Mortality Working Group Safe Sleep Sub-committee
  • The Manitoba Indigenous Doula Initiative (MIDI)
  • Indigenous Knowledge Keepers
  • Indigenous doulas

January 2016

Initial Discussions

In our earliest conversations with community, the Baby Basket (inspired by the Finnish Baby Box) was named as a priority to be developed through the prototyping process. Our consultations shifted the focus away from a safe sleep box and towards an opportunity to build supportive relationships, reduce stress, and provide information.