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October 02, 2014

Our window signage is finally up! We are so excited!

Given that the #wpgboldness project is renting office space from our community partner, the North End Business Development Centre, we really wanted to have some signage installed that would announce our presence in the building and the community, while at the same time remaining centred on the project’s main purpose: healthy children, families, and communities.

We think that our window signage accomplishes just that, and here’s why:

– It puts children at the centre of the focus, just like our research and work, because that’s what we believe creates healthy and strong families and communities.

– It features children, families, places, and imagery from the North End community rather than stock images, because we wanted the photos to represent the community that we’re working alongside.

– It adds to the already vibrant culture that exists within the North End and creates another source of positive attention for our community.

– It creates dialogue about #wpgboldness and draws attention to our ultimate goal: improved outcomes for kids in Point Douglas.

What do you think of our building signage? Send us an email or facebook message to let us know, or post a picture of the front of our building on twitter/instagram and mention #wpgboldness so that we can see!