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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

March 24, 2016

One of the strongest assets that the North End of Winnipeg maintains is without a doubt the community togetherness and sense of pride within its residents. Ask anyone that you meet who lives or has lived in the North End about their feelings towards the community and more often than not they’ll tell you how important it has been in their life and just how much they love the neighbourhood.

This is especially obvious when attending the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, an annual event hosted by the North End Community Helpers Network (NECHN) where countless community organizations can come together to honour their dedicated volunteers with a dinner, entertainment, and gifts.

The past few years have featured the recurring theme of ‘I Heart North End,’ a slogan that NECHN has coined and printed on shirts, mugs, and t-shirts to sell as fundraiser items. This is a theme that many carry very dear to their hearts, as it signifies for them the true spirit of the neighbourhood.

The Winnipeg Boldness Project participated in the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for the second time this year on March 15, 2016, by taking part in the planning committee and honouring 14 members of our Parent Guide Group. We feel very strongly that volunteers are vital to the success of an organization, and we are grateful for the feedback and guidance that our Parent Guide Group provides for us throughout the year. The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is our way of thanking them for contributing their time and effort throughout the year.