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North End Wellbeing Measure – Results Survey

May 29, 2019

We recognized early on in the project that there was a lack of community-based evaluation tools to be utilized when researching early childhood development in the North End. We talked a lot about the concept of wellbeing and health, but we wondered what the word wellbeing actually meant and how that definition would differ depending on the community in focus. Would the definition of wellbeing in the North End look the same as the definition of wellbeing in other areas of the city? Or would other communities prioritize different values and markers?

The Winnipeg Boldness Project set out to create a tool to measure child and family wellbeing, not from the perspective of an outside researcher, but from a wholistic community defined definition of wellbeing. In partnership with the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba, the North End Wellbeing Measure was developed by using community input and existing surveys that have been used with northern reserve communities.

Our first test of this measurement tool was implemented with 191 caregivers and 367 children. We have compiled the data from this first test run, and we’re now seeking input from community residents living in the North End. We’ve been told that too often researchers analyze and make assumptions regarding the data they gather without first allowing community to sit with the data themselves. So, we want to make sure to provide an opportunity for community to take a look at the report and provide their thoughts and input.

We welcome anyone living in the North End of Winnipeg to take a look at the NEWM results document and provide feedback.

You can download the report here.

You can provide feedback on the report here.