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Guest Contributor: Gregg Hanson – Every Child is a Gift

December 04, 2014

I am delighted to be the Chair of the Stewardship Group for the Winnipeg Boldness Project. This initiative has great potential for at least three reasons. First, it is lead by an intelligent, experienced innovative team who are building on prior successes. Second, it is focusing on the science and research of early childhood development to give young children a better chance of future success. Third, it is engaging the community to ensure that they play a primary role in their own self determination.

Diane Roussin, project director for the Winnipeg Boldness Project, is a capable, determined individual with strong leadership skills. I have worked with her before and I know she has the ability to drive this project forward to success. Her team is motivated and they are collaborating with a broad cross section of the Point Douglas community to build a clear strategy.

I believe that every child is a sacred gift to society. We have an obligation to give each child an equitable opportunity to form a sense of belonging, to obtain a good education, and to live in a respectful environment that in turn allows them to reach their full potential. This is something that we will all benefit from as a society. For my own part I am committed to this cause.

In my journey, I have been fortunate to meet and make friends with some exceptional Indigenous people. They are working so hard to improve the situations and outcomes for their people who have experienced injustices. I truly believe Indigenous people cannot face these challenges alone and we cannot impose solutions on them. Instead, we must work together, shoulder to shoulder with them, to address the inequities of the past and provide a more promising future for us all.

The future of our province depends upon all of us embracing the rich culture, history and heritage that were here before the settlers ever arrived. The future always belongs to our children and we have a vested interest in ensuring that those children succeed starting with the earliest stages of life.  I will do my part, will you?

Gregg Hanson
Chair of Stewardship Committee
The Winnipeg Boldness Project