Our Team

Together with the Point Dougas community and the project's many partners, The Winnipeg Boldness Project has a diverse and experienced staffing complement that provides the knowledge and expertise that is required to achieve the project’s bold goal.

Diane Roussin - Project Director: is a passionate community leader committed to the pursuit of pimadaziwin (the good life) for all families and children. Her in-depth knowledge of Indigenous issues and solutions flow directly from her strong sense of identity and worldview as a proud member of Skownan First Nation. She holds both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work degrees.

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Kara Boles - POPs Coordinator: holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta. She has experience navigating collaborative initiatives involving multiple stakeholders, which have included many community organizations in Winnipeg’s North End.
Jenna Diubaldo - Communications Manager: is a woman of Métis/Italian descent who was born and raised in Winnipeg. She has been working and volunteering in the North End for the past seven years in various capacities, with a focus on community development from an Indigenous perspective. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Manitoba Inner City Campus.
Lisa Wlasichuk - Research Coordinator: was born and raised in Winnipeg and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Indigenous Studies and recently completed a Master’s of Development Practice – Indigenous Development Degree.  She spent time during her Master’s program working at Blue Quills First Nations College in northern Alberta and with the Saami in northern Finland.