The Project

The Winnipeg Boldness Project is an initiative that is working alongside the North End community to improve outcomes for young children in the Point Douglas area.

It has been proven that children do some of their most important development in the first nine months and the first five years of their life. This means that if a child does not have the proper conditions and supports for development at this young age they will likely struggle throughout their education, which ultimately could affect the entire outcome of their lives.

Currently, about 60% of kids in the Point Douglas community area are doing really well in terms of early child development (ECD) and are starting school at a point where they’re ready to begin learning and take on the world. What The Winnipeg Boldness Project is aiming to do is raise that number, because we believe that every child deserves equitable opportunities for success.

Proofs of Possibilities

The Winnipeg Boldness Project is using tools from the fields of social innovation and collective impact to develop its six-year strategy. By using a model called a social lab, the project is bringing community ideas/feedback together with Early Childhood Development science in order to create and test ideas for systems change. 

The Project is collaborating with a wide range of cross-sectoral stakeholders including community leaders, businesses, and community residents, to co-create solutions that we are calling Proofs of Possibilities (POPS.) POPs are action items that have been identified as priority for early childhood development and family wellbeing in the neighbourhood. 

These POPs are being tested with the help of neighbourhood families to see if they work, or if they need tweaking. Once we have figured out what works and what doesn't, we can then replicate and scale the ideas that are working well to include more and more families, with the idea that these solutions could potentially spread to the larger city, province, and country. 

The Community

The North End of Winnipeg is a community that is rich in spirit, generosity, and culture. While each child in this community has the same potential as any other child, statistics show that, by no fault of their own, children in the North End largely are not receiving the same opportunities as children in other communities and often begin school at an academic level that is well below average.

Presently, almost half of the kids in Point Douglas aren’t reaching their full potential throughout the early years of their life. For The Winnipeg Boldness Project, it is imperative that we come to fully understand not only what it is that is creating barriers for 40% of these children, but more importantly what are the conditions that are creating success with the other 60% and how this success can be captured and replicated.

The Winnipeg Boldness Project firmly believes that children are sacred; each one is a gift that should be placed at the centre of their community and surrounded with the supports he or she needs to develop and grow in a healthy way. By partnering with the community and tapping into the deep pool of knowledge that already exists within its residents, this is a vision that can be achieved in the North End of Winnipeg.

The Child-Centred Model

The child-centred model has been developed in partnership with the Point Douglas community through an extensive knowledge gathering process through various methods. The result is an ideology that represents values that have existed for countless years in this community, compiled into a model and summarized through written word and graphic representations.

The graphic below represents the idea that a healthy community is one that places children at the centre with the surrounding ecosystems in place to protect and nurture the child and family through a person-centred approach.


Values and beliefs translate into how we see ourselves and others, and how we percieve the world around us. This determines how we conduct ourselves in relation to others and our surroundings. These ways of knowing, being, and doing are connected and governed by feeling: from the heart space.

The graphic below represents that the ways of knowing, being, doing, and feeling are interconnected and inextricable from one another, as illustrated by the overlapping circles.